Pretend Friend

Pretend Friend is a string-band dynamo out of Wichita, Kansas. Melding traditional bluegrass and folk with avant-garde songwriting, their delivery is forged in fiery zest.

Pretend Friend tours nationally and is actively growing their audience. They have performed at regional festivals such as Riverfest, String Break, Mamaloupalooza, Bluegrass at the Lake, and Acoustic Vacation.

Published Works:

Released in January 2018, their debut, self-titled electric album, Pretend Friend, features Grant Boesen as singer/songwriter and guitarist, Austin Groom as bassist, and Jason Snavely as drummer.

Pretend Friend’s newest release, Unnatural Currents, was arranged acoustically and released May 2019. It features Grant Boesen and Jason Snavely as singer/songwriter and drummer, respectively, with the addition of Evan Ogborn on mandolin and Brody Wellman on upright bass.

Pretend Friend’s discography can be found on any major streaming service, and also streamed for free at

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